Welcome to The SandPit! 


Due to some folks that desire to break the rules that were put in place over the past year or so, it is necessary for us to post them online so that everyone is aware of the Gym Rules and what is expected from each and every member and guest of Sandpit Strength and Fitness.

  Remember - Every Member and Guest of the facility has signed the Membership Waiver and Release which indicates you will adhere to all gym rules and regulations at all times while in the gym.

If you are not willing to adhere to any and all of the facility rules, please see a member of management and we will be glad to assist in any way we can.

Gym Attire

Appropriate covered footwear & a shirt must be worn and towels must be used at all times in the gymnasium.

This is effective immediately 24 hours a day.  No Exceptions.

Gym Access

Each Member is issued a Key Tag to gain access to the gym. 

Every member MUST scan their Key Tag upon entrance to the gym.

If you do not have a Key Tag or forgot yours at home, no access is allowed.

Guests are ONLY allowed during Staffed Hours.

If you are the last person leaving the building and no one else is in the gym, Please Turn Off The Lights, Fans Etc.


All members must be current and active to have access to the gym.

Members are granted access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Members under the age of 18 are not allowed 24 hour access. 

Under age member are only allowed access during staffed hours.

No Tailgating is allowed - See Tailgating Section

Clean Up After Yourself

All member and guests are expected to utilize the paper towles and cleaning sprays provided to wipe down each piece of equipment prior to use and after each use.  

All members and guests are expected to return the weights and equipment to the location you found them for the next person to use when needed.

Your mother does not work here, therefore clean up after yourself.


Management reserves the right to cancel, revoke or limit access to the gym for any reason. 

Violation of any rule of the gym could lead to:

1. 24 Hour Access Revoked (Access limited to only staffed hours)

2. Suspension of membership/access for 30 days.

3. Membership and Access terminated permanently.

Release of Liability

Every Member and Guest MUST sign a Release Of Liability before they are allowed to work out in or around the gym.

By entering the gym and utilizing any of the equipment or at any event sponsored by or at the gym, you hereby release Sandpit Strength and Fitness, LLC and its agents or anyone acting on its authority from all claims of liability.

Therefore you workout at your own risk.


Tailgating is when a Non Member or a Member that does not have Valid Access to the gym follows an active member in the facility unauthorized.

If a Member allows a Non Member or a member that is not valid to be in the facility for any reason, to enter the facility outside of staffed hours, the member that allows those to tailgate behind them is liable for a $35.00 fine per head that walks in the facility behind them unauthorized.

Continued violation will result in your membership being revoked.

There is NO Exception to this tailgating rule.


´╗┐Tanning will be coming soon.  Once we have all the logistics surrounding the Tanning in place, we will offer Tanning.

Tanning will only be offered with a Gym Membership. 

Tanning will only be during Staffed Hours when a Sandpit Staff is on site.

Honor System

We provide bottled water for your convenience in the cooler by the front desk. 

If you obtain a water, it is expected that you place a $1.00 bill in the black container on top of the cooler.